COVID-19 Notice


We know that there’s widespread concern in our community about the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), and I want you to know that your health is my top priority.

With the increasing uncertainty and growing number of infected individuals in our state, I encourage you to listen to our state recommendations. DUE to state recommendations, Telehealth Sessions are available and preferred at this time.

In alignment with a single-therapist private practice, the following precautions are being taken:

Teletherapy sessions (2-way video) are available at this time.

MUST wear a Face Mask for in-person sessions.

MUST sign the COVID-19 Waiver & Consent for In-Person Services.

MUST be willing to participate in a health screening at the beginning of every in-person session.

Please contact your insurance to make sure telehealth is cover under your policy.

I will continue to evaluate best practices as new information and guidance emerge. Rest assured, services will continue to be accessible, whether in-person or via teletherapy.

Please refer to the CDC, World Health Organization, and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment for additional information, and maintain awareness of official communications.