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If you or your child are facing persistent stress, caught in negative relational patterns, or dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic event, it could be beneficial to delve into meaningful therapeutic sessions for long-lasting positive transformations. This can greatly influence you and/or your child’s relationships, work/school-life equilibrium, and self-image.

For caregivers of children aged 3-8, ANCHOR Counseling offers support not only for the child but also to enhance the caregiver-child relationship. Children often mirror the emotional regulation of their caregivers, highlighting the importance of involving and supporting caregivers for successful outcomes. ANCHOR Counseling takes a family-centered approach, recognizing that focusing solely on the child may not address the root issues. By working with the entire family, ANCHOR Counseling aims to facilitate the desired changes.

For adults dealing with trauma-related stress, ANCHOR Counseling is available to provide support. Building a safe and connected therapeutic relationship is the primary focus at ANCHOR Counseling, as research indicates its significance in achieving positive therapy results. While ANCHOR Counseling primarily focuses on children, adults can also benefit from the practice, especially when seeking healing for their inner child. Therapists at ANCHOR Counseling incorporate mindfulness, somatic work, and experiential techniques for a comprehensive approach to healing.

The core of ANCHOR Counseling’s work revolves around nurturing connections with children, adults, and families. Individuals are guided through the process of Accepting, Nurturing, Connecting, Healing, and Optimizing their Relationships (ANCHOR). Therapists bring their authentic selves to each session, trusting the body’s intuition for healing. ANCHOR Counseling strongly believes that “THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU,” and therapists uphold this belief until individuals can embrace it themselves.

"The majority of relationship, any relationship is rupture.
Repair is the remedy"
~Lisa Dion

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